Statewide News Coverage

The the story of how Lydia Ann Moorings skirted environmental regulations received some good statewide media coverage this month.  wrote a nice investigative story for the Texas Observer which details how Everett Skipper used an alias to hide his felony past and get the mooring project past the Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas General Land Office:

BARGING IN: How a felon with a fake name convinced a federal agency and the Texas General Land Office to fast-track a controversial project in Port Aransas.

“But not all was as it seemed. Edwards and his crew would violate the terms of their permit by building a large-scale docking operation, more elaborate than the one they’d pitched the Corps. And Mike Edwards wasn’t actually Mike Edwards. His real name is Everett Michael Skipper, and Everett Michael Skipper has a rap sheet.

Only months later, long after the permit was issued and the dock was in operation, would the residents of Port Aransas discover the truth. For the locals, who have since sued the Corps for granting the facility a permit, the state and federal agencies’ behavior is puzzling. How did a felon talk a $4.6 billion federal agency into fast-tracking a project with so many red flags?” Read more…

That article was picked up later by the Texas Standard radio show. You can listen to the episode here:

How One Man Fooled the Government into Approving a Controversial Facility in Port Aransas