Advantages and Disadvantages of Diagnosis and Labeling

Explaining the specific advantages or disadvantages to the practice of diagnosing and labeling psychological disorders from a multicultural perspective it becomes understandable that sometimes it is easier to just give drugs to a patient than to investigate a patient’s specific features, paying attention to ethnic characteristic. In this case diagnosing a person with a specific mental disorder can be an error and it would destroy person’s life, but it is impossible not to mention that potential benefits of diagnosing is also great, because making a right diagnosis helps to find the decision and give a relief to patient. Thus, only competent doctor should be involved in such kind of diagnosing practice, because an incompetent doctor may ignore cultural or other factors (for example, idiosyncrasy) of a patient and may draw wrong conclusions about appropriate treatment.

In conclusion, basing on previous information it is possible to say that in many cases advantages of diagnosing overweight possible disadvantages, because many people need a psychiatric aid, and only the accurateness with which mental health professionals will diagnose psychiatric disorder and then communicate it to patient can change existed situation in medical area to the better side.

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