Agency Interview Study

Furthermore, the purpose of interview is to recognize whether he/she meets the qualification requirements of positions: knowledge, skills, experience, health, personal qualities. Does a candidate want to work in this post? Is he interested in this work or not? What are his future plans? It is important to find out how an interviewee is compatible and self-controlled: understanding the problems, the ability to self-control, sensitivity to criticism, his desire for self-development and training.

In addition to the above-mentioned information, it is possible to add that the purpose of interview is to find out what kinds of skills a social worker should have in order to be considered as a professional. During his work, a social worker is in contact with wards, colleagues, and representatives of other services. The ability to listen, draw conclusions, the ability to analyze, understand and realize – these are the professional qualities of a social worker.

In order to gain access to an agency or organization, it is necessary to impress the interviewer with your questions and the quality of preparation. It is important to demonstrate your interest and show that you have come not only to get to know what they can offer you, but to prove that you also can be very helpful to them.

To sum up the above stated information, it is possible to draw a conclusion that a social worker must possess the following skills and abilities: communication skills: attention to others, the ability to listen, and courtesy, polite attitude to people. Moreover, he should have professional qualities (work experience), the ability to hear, work independently and the ability to work with other organizations. Drawing conclusions based on the interview notes, it is possible to add that social work is a responsible professional experience that helps people, communities to establish and identify personal, social, situational, and circumstantial difficulties that affect them. In order to succeed in this profession, you need to love your work and strive to improve your knowledge.



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The copy of interview notes

I interview a social worker whose name is Andrew and he is a specialist and counselor for hard of hearing and deaf people.

Interviewer: what do you think of a social worker? What are his main purposes?

Interviewee: a social worker is a person who provides material and household help, moral and legal support to people with social needs. His main purposes are to help people with different disabilities and social needs overcome the barriers to community life, employment, and independence. I provide different services in order to realize each client’s needs and goals that include a full set of various rehabilitation services, subsidiary technologies, and supported employment. Interviewer: why do you decide to choose this career?

Interviewee: I like his profession and find a role of my work very helpful, fulfilling and important. I state that without college experiences in studying social work studies I would not have this position. Moreover, it is very important to prove myself to be a good worker and successfully interview during the hiring. I have graduated from the university and got a diploma of a Bachelor of Science in Social Works.

Interviewer: where did you begin your professional career?

Interviewee: I began my professional career in a private agency, working there as an intern and serving and helping people with traumatic brain injuries. This practice has laid the foundation for my future professional activities.

Interviewer: what qualities should a social worker have in order to be a professional?

Interviewee: in my opinion, if you want to succeed in your career and be a good social worker you have to define the goal and try to realize it, never ignore the advices of your instructors. I admit that I am a happy and fortunate man because I have a wonderful and kind supervisor, who is flexible and supportive and always is predisposed to me.