Analysis of Case | Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Against Grolier

Congress was principally concerned with preventing adjudication by those who have developed, through investigative or prosecutorial zeal, a “will to win” that is incompatible with objective adjudication, section 554(d) applies only to those employed in the actual investigative and prosecutive branches of the FTC. Since […]

Plato | The Republic

References Griggs, E.H. (2003). Philosophy of Plato and Its Relation to Modern Life. Kessinger Publishing. Purshouse, L. (2006). Plato’s Republic: a reader’s guide. Continuum International Publishing Group. Ritter, C. (2007). The Essence of Plato’s Philosophy. Lightning Source Inc. Scott, G.A. (2007). Philosophy in dialogue: Plato’s […]

American Jobs Act

In contrast, to existing legal acts, the American Jobs Act’s basic idea is to turn a worker’s unemployment benefits — which usually last for 26 weeks, but have been extended to 99 weeks in 21 states with especially high unemployment — into “reemployment” benefits: providing […]