Abrahamic Covenant

Murray states that the importance of the Abrahamic covenant is the following one “It is this Abrahamic covenant, so explicitly set forth in Gn. xv and xvii, that underlies the whole subsequent development of God’s redemptive promise, word, and action. . . . The redemptive […]

A Beautiful Disaster

Another story – is pedestrians. A pedestrian for motorcyclist – is a large biological object with unpredictable behavior, empowerment and devoid of any responsibilities. The problem lies in the fact, that as a rule, pedestrians incorrectly calculate the speed of approaching motorcycle. In this case, […]

12 Angry Men

3. In the first part of the film, all 11 jurors give their reasons for voting guilty. They had different explanations for this, and some of them could not even give a decent explanation of their vote. In my opinion, there were two jurors who […]