Merging High and Low Culture

The dynamics of the video is also organized to stress this spirit of change and the inescapable loss of the old world – in the first part of the video frames change slowly and the actions are slow, like in a dream. However, the picture changes when the camera shows the coming wave of invaders, the motion speeds up and despite the overall depressive atmosphere the movement in combination with more dynamic music creates a feeling of a fresh breathe. This is done to remind the audience that the loss of the old world also means the birth of a new world, through suffering and battle, since no changes can happen without pain. The symbol of the skull showing in the end of the video does not only mean that the collision of two civilizations leads to war and death; light playing on the symbol and the changes of its shape show that nothing in this world is static, and through struggle and pain new civilizations are born – as a result of merging higher and lower cultures.



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